Techniki graficzne
Symbols for techniques used in printed ex libris

C - wkl瘰這druki/ Intaglio printing (blank):

C1 - staloryt/ Steel engraving

C2 - miedzioryt/ Burin (graver of gouge) engraving, notably on copper

C3 - akwaforta/ Etching

C4 - sucha ig豉/ Dry point

C5 - akwatinta/ Aquatint

C6 - mi瘯ki werniks/ Soft-ground or other ground-based etching

C7 - mezzotinta/ Mezzotint

C8 - plastikoryt/ Intaglio engraving on linoleum, plastic and other materials

P - techniki wkl瘰貫 reprodukcyjne/ Intaglio techniques reproductive:

P3 - heliograwiura, fotogalwanografia/ Heliogravure (manual line and tone photogravure), Photogalvanography

P4 - rotograwiura/ Commercial photogravure, rotogravure

P10 - klisze/ Etched steel printing (die-printing)

X - wypuk這druki/ Relief printing (blank):

X1 - drzeworyt sztorcowy/ Woodcut

X2 - drzeworyt langowy/ Wood engraving

X3 - linoryt/ Linocut

X4 - wypuk這druk drukowany z grawerowanej lub akwafortowej p造ty/ Relief-printed engraved or etched metal plates, notablymetal cut

X5 - wypuk這druk drukowany z p造ty wkl瘰這drukowej/ Relief-printed metal plates created for intaglio printing

X6 - wypuk這druk drukowany z p造ty nie metalowej/ Relief-printed engraving of other materials, for example synthetic ones

X7 - kamienioryt/ (Chinese) stone stamp

Wypuk這druki/ Relief techniques reproductive:

T - typografia/ Typography, letterpress

T1 - linotypia/ Linotype, indirect letterpress

T2 - / Photoxylography, facsimile wood engraving

T3 - stempel/ Collercial rubber stamp

P1 - cynkotypia kreskowa/ Line block (clich) with or without photography

P2 - cynkotypia siatkowa/ Half-tone, for example photozincography

Inne techniki/ Flatbed, stencil, electronic techniques original:

L1 - autolitografia/ Autolitography

L2 - autografia/ Autography

L3 - cynkografia/ Zincography

L4 - algrafia/ Algraphy

P8 - fotografia/ Original photograph, hologram

S - szablon/ Stencil, "pochoir"

S1 - serigrafia/ Original serigraphy (screenprinting)

S2 - mimeografia/ Mimeography (dye stencil)

S3 - katazome/ Katazome (oiled-paper stencil)

S4 - / Kappa (Katazome made with persimmon juice)

CGD - / Computer generated design

Techniki reprodukcyjne:

P - reprodukcja fotograficzna/ Photographic reproduction

P5 - collotyp/ Collotype

P6 - fotolitografia/ Photolithography, process transfer lithography

P7 - offset/ Offset

P9 - serigrafia/ Serigraphic reproduction (photosilkscreen)

CRD - reprodukcja komputerowa/ Computer reproduced design

Y - fotokopia/ Photocopy

Inne symbole/ Other symbols:

U - inna technika/ Technique mot listed above, including Frottage, Chinese rubbing and collography

.../... - technika/ Number after the technical symbola = number of passagues through the press

/mon. - monotypia/ Momotype

/col. - r璚zne kolorowanie/ Hand-colorued